BNB Assist, LLC

Interim Innkeeping and more...

About BNB Assist, LLC...

BNB Assist, LLC is an interim innkeeping service to bed and breakfast inn owners providing temporary management assistance.

When bed and breakfast inn owners need to attend a business meeting, conference, special family event or well-deserved vacation,
BNB Assist, LLC can provide uninterrupted service to your valued guests and security for your property.
Located in central Ohio, I am available to provide interim innkeeping services throughout the United States.


As your interim innkeeper, my approach is comprehensive and includes:

* HOSPITALITY: A bed and breakfast is all about hospitality, and I will ensure that your guests will feel welcomed and pampered.
* BREAKFAST: I look forward to preparing your unique recipes and providing gracious service while honoring any special dietary needs of your guests.
* RESERVATIONS: On-going sales are a priority, so reservations will be handled carefully and efficiently.
* CONCIERGE: Your guests may want local information or maps, and I will gladly respond to any requests they may have.


Because every inn is unique, my rates are determined based on the needs of you and your inn. 

Please contact me to discuss options and reasonable rates.