BNB Assist, LLC

Interim Innkeeping and more...

About the owner...

Deborah Guzman

Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Ohio in 1995 with my husband and our three children,
and Ohio has been home ever since. 

About the owner

Prior to becoming an interim innkeeper my life revolved around business support, volunteer service and my family.  I'm an Air Force veteran, wife, mother, grandmother and recent college graduate.  After graduation, I consulted with one of my professors and learned that many small business owners, and especially bed and breakfast owners, forego taking vacations due to lack of interim staffing.  I've worked as business support for decades and have a natural inclination towards hospitality.  After some research, I determined that "Interim Innkeeping" is a perfect opportunity to put into practice what I enjoy doing, continue lifelong learning and meeting new people while helping others.

Work history

Work & volunteer history:
   * military
   * education industry
   * alternative health care
   * hospitality industry:
      - Glenlaurel Scottish Inn & Cottages, a Select Registry
         member since 1998
   * community service
   * event planning

Education and certification

Capital University, Bachelor of Business Administration

Currently certified in:
   * Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
   * ServSafe Food Handler